Center for Bio-Acoustic Medicine

Embrace - Release - Heal

The Services we offer:
  • Professional Therapeutic Massage
  • Bio-Acoustic Medicine (Sound Therapy)
  • Foot, Hand, and Facial Reflexology
  • Aroma Therapy
  • Rising Star Healing Modality
  • Ultrasound
  • Inversion Physical Therapy
  • Rife Vibrational Healing
  • Reiki Energy Work
  • Color, Light, and Sound Therapy
  • BioGenesis Vibrational Healing
  • Personal Life Coaching
  • Aura Reading and Counseling
  • BioSonic Tuning Fork Balancing
  • Crystal Singing Bowls
  • Iridology

Mobile Massage

On-site professional service in the comfort of your home anywhere within Chico is available for an additional service fee of $25.00.

On-site chair massage is available. Please call for a price quote.


Reflexology, Awakened Emotional Healing and Clairvoyance Training.
Call for information.

Gift Certificates are always available


2 Locations:

Monday - Friday
7am to 8pm
Additional charge for after hours and/or weekends
by appointment only

Bay Area
4161 El Camino Real. Ste. B
Palo Alto, CA 94301
by appointment only

Toll Free

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